Colin Devroe

This week's guest on The Way Station is Colin Devroe. Colin is a longtime web entrepreneur who has cofounded Plain, the creators of Barley CMS and Barley for Wordpress. We talk about technology and creating products that solve problems.


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Nathan Grigg

This week's guest on The Way Station is Nathan Grigg. Nathan is a mathematician with a background in academic research who has recently started working at Google as a software engineer. We talk about career changes, being analytically minded and much more.


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Garrett Gibbons

Garrett Gibbons works as a photographer, music video director, and all around "media guy". We talk about starting a business and running it while not ruining your family. Garrett also shares his master plan, to bring back the musical. Listen in, it's fantastic.

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Collin Donnell

Collin Donnell is a talented iOS developer, with an eye for design, who has worked on hits, such as Things and Air Display . He is also the creator of Pinbook , one of my most used apps. His latest venture is co-founding Braid Labs, whose first app will tackle email. We talk about making it in the growing field of iOS development and what it takes to make great products.


Tony Murray

Tony Murray is a professional landscape photography whose work features beautiful vistas from the Tetons, to Qatar, to the Himalayas. We talk about what it takes to be a professional photographer in the age of Instagram and cheap digital cameras.